“Our EXPERIENCE, borned from PASSION, to ensure QUALITY”
Innovaviation Team

Undergoing to:

S-LSA Compliance (Waiting for approval)
Reference to FAA website for standards

Certification LTF-UL 600 kg (Waiting for approval) – DAeC No° 2670
Reference to LTF website for standards

Our quality management system is designed to meet the highest world standards for the category:

F2245 Design and Performance
F2972 Quality Assurance
F3035 Production Acceptance Tests
F2746 Aircraft Operating Instructions (AOI) / Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)
F2483 Maintenance and Inspection Procedures
F2483 Identification and Recording of Major Repairs and Major Alterations
F2295 Continued Airworthiness
F2745 Required Product Information